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Make space and Auction - Maximize revenue and Advertise

When Auctioning equipment you create space, but you will loose revenue.

There is NOT even a 1% change that a manufacturer / processor is trying to find the equipment, that you are offering. Auctioning attracts potential buyers, looking for opportunties to buy at SCRAP + level.

Nevertheless Auctioning is a excellent solution when you need the space.

AllSurplusWorld has over 250.000 contacts and shall be happy to assist you to Auction your equipment.

When Advertising equipment you are bridging the time gap between availability and demand. It requires more time to find a buyer but it creates an opportunity to endusers and they pay more money.

AllSurplusWorld has over 250.000 contacts, so advertise in order to make more money from the disposal of your surplus equipment and parts

Make space and Auction - Maximize revenue and Advertise

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