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For more than 30 years AllSurplusWorld has served the plastics processing and recycling industry by offering solutions for surplus process equipment. An additional and very important result has been the creation of a contact database with more than 41,000 contacts to date.

As a NEW development this valuable resource is now available, together with our business experience and creativity, to serve companies in the market to acquire or sell a business activity. For this purpose, a platform has been created in www.allsurplusworld.com, where offers and requirements can be advertised for NEUTRAL publication on this Platform. Information of the advertiser is neither visible nor traceable. All visitors have free and unlimited access to this searchable information.

An advertisement should briefly and clearly display the most important information, obviously leading to interested companies getting in touch. First responses will be received and handled by AllSurplusWorld, who will also be checking to ensure the content is related to the subject of the advert. In addition AllSurplusWorld will check the next step with the advertising customer.

Advertising is FREE.

Payment of a compensation will be requested to connect companies.

AllSurplusWorld offers assistance as an Intermediary

For advertisers we are also available as an Intermediary to assist with the communication between buyer and seller. Having handled a number of projects we have experienced this can be a more effective way to maximize results. In particular for executives, who spend the majority of their time running their business, this could be beneficial. Negotiations about assets often require a different mindset compared to the day-to-day business. When this service is required we gladly agree a compensation.

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