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AllSurplusWorld adds value to buying and selling, by offering a comprehensive service package. We offer our customers a solution, taking care of all aspects involved in re-location of capital equipment.

A network of carefully selected vendors of "value - added services" ensure  professional handling at all levels.

Based on our philosophy that the only customer is a Happy Customer AllSurplusWorld creates transparency for their customers.

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Examples of our Value Added Services
When selling Bauer Foos Mills to a customer, who wants to buy "as is" we arrange for a dry test run, measuring vibrations, also testing the v-belts and motor, including the insulation value of the motor. Clients are invited to attend the test run or send a representative. In addition we document the results on video, which is made available to our customer.Click HERE to view the test video's.

A customer in South America wanted to buy 3 each 1800 mm peeler centrifuges. Obviously the customer needed a comprehensive solution, including dismantling, packing and shipping. It required opening of  the building at 6 meter height and skating of the 12 tons units from 15 meter in the building to crane reach. With no proper crane being in position in England we contracted a Dutch company with the proper equipment and specialized crew.  Baskets and e-motors were removed and separately crated. Shipment was effected by using 20ft flatracks,  with a certified company handling seaworthy lashing and securing of the equipment.

When selling Henschel high intensity mixers we replace bearings and seals. In addition the mixing section is balanced. The motor is checked and if required either reconditioned or replaced. Finally v-belts are checked and replaced, if required. Results are documented by arranging for a dry test run, that can be attended by the customer. Click HERE to view a video of the dry test.

For lab size spray dryers we have made an arrangement with the maintenance division of Niro, The Netherlands. They refurbish the dryer, particularly taking care of the atomiser, that operates at 22.000 rpm.

For centrifuges we have made an arrangement with a company in Great Britain, serving the industry almost 30 year with maintenance, repair and reconditioning services. They arrange for a basic overhaul, using parts purchased from the OEM. Customers or their representatives are invited to attend a test run. Results of the test run, in, requiring  particular the vibrations are measured at various levels.


Turn Key Projects
AllSurplusWorld has handled a substantial number of large projects.. Below you will find a small selection of these project over the years.

Dismantling, Packing & Shipping of a Pharmaceutical Plant
AllSurplusWorld was contracted for the dismantling, packing and shipping of a large pharmaceutical plant in located in the former DDR to be shipped to China.

The project entailed removal of equipment from 5 production floors and large section outside the building. Together with the customer we arranged for match-marking for re-installation. To rig out large fermenters the roof was opened at 26 meters height and a 300 tons crane was positioned. Used ocean containers were purchased. With open top containers not being available, the top of box containers was cut. Upon completion of stuffing the equipment in the containers, the top reinforced with heavy steal beams and the top was put back on. In  total 65 x 40ft containers were used. In addition 1200 freighttons was shipped break-bulk. Click HERE to find our customers opinion on our services.

Various Spray Drying plants
With spray dryers of large drying facilities measuring over 6 meters and a total height of over 12 meters, the equipment needs to be cut in transportable section, and need to be welded back together at its new location. We have handled a number of such projects, both for the starch and milk powder industry.

Removal, packing and shipping of a Glucose Plant.
A glucose plant largely consist of tanks. Shipping tanks from  Europe to Asia requires low freight costs. AllSurplusWorld made an arrangement with a tramp carrier, taking the equipment as a part load from Hamburg to Laem Chabang. Containerizable cargo was stuffed in used shipping containers, that were used for this purpose.

Exclusive sale of equipment of a ABS plant for a Dutch petro-chemical plant.
Both the equipment from the polymerisation plant and compounding plant were sold. With most of the equipment dating back from the date the plant was  built in 1977, transparancy was required to find customers. Extruders were opened to create access to barrel and screws for measuring and visual inspection. Mixers and downstream, mainly Beringer WRP pelletisers were tested and refurbished, if required. The Farrel equipment, FCM mixers and dump extruders were still operating and it was easy to find buyers because of our access to the market.

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MRO and spare parts
For the same Dutch company we also a cleared a large section of the inventory, located in the central warehouse. In order to provide the industry with unlimted access for inspection of the parts of their interest, all parts were removed. AllSurplusWorld set up a separate warehouse for this purpose with a total of 1100 m2 floor capacity. Pallet racks were moved in and 65 x 13.50 mtrs truck loads were stored in this warehouse.

Large size equipment from a starch plant in Great Britain
AllSurplusWorld exclusively sold the equipment, because of their knowledge of starch and  glucose manufacturing processes. This knowledge is gained from hiring retired process engineers. As a result customers were assisted with process related questions and MORE equipment was sold. With all equipment being offered delivered to the customer and with most items being very bulky a large dismantly operation was required. particularly with plant having been built in 1977. Large filters had to be moved inside the the buoding over a length of 30 meters, also requiring removal of other equipment and bridging large gaps.

Turn-Key relocation of a Niro Filtermat Spray Dryer - Our most recent project
Relocation of a filtermat spray dryer demands special skills and expertise. There are many contractors capable of relocating a regularly spray dryer, few can handle a filtermat type spray dryer. Particularly the relocation of the belt drying section of 15 meter long x 5,00 meter wide and 4.50 meter high requires special handling. Expertise cutting is essential to break the dryer up in transportable section and make sure that-assembling will allow for flawless running of the belt and drying again. AllSurplusWorld completed the project successfully, by making arrangement with the best available contractors for this job in the industry, at the same time providing the customer also with a competitive solution.Click HERE to view the opinion of yet another satisfied customer.

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